Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Half a Decade

Okay..so I completely get that I am a terrible blogger. I really do understand this fact, and yet I haven't made any great strides to rectify this imperfection. Maybe this upcoming year? Who knows. But I did have to dedicate a post to my Little GB, although he is not really that Little anymore. For goodness sakes my little man is now a 5 year old. I cannot believe that, and yet I have witnessed all of his birthdays and accomplishments and yep...He is five. He was super excited to be 5 because now he is the same age as his BFF Cooper and will be able to go to kindergarten next year. Right now he's in preschool and he loves it!! He is definitely an emerging reader and loves to practice his sight words. Just the other day while riding in the car he counted to 100 and to my surprise needed no help whatsoever!! He wanted another transformer cake/party. We went up to Idaho for the long weekend and my Sister was the best party thrower. She made him an ice cream cake that was almost bigger than he! He had a fantastic birthday and I think the best part of it all for him was being able to boss everyone around for the entire day, because of course HE WAS IN CHARGE!! Here are a few pics of my strapping 5 year old buddy!


Bry and Meliss said...

What a HANDSOME little man! I can't believe he's 5 either! And that little S is adorable. I so need to see you soon!! Miss your face!

Jane said...

Well well looky who decided to update the cyber world on her life. I say you start consistently blogging. I enjoy these cute little pics of the mings. That's funny he wanted transformers again haha. It sounds like it was a fun party! Next time I see you I will make sure to ask him how old he is. I bet he will be excited to tell me ;)